Safety, Compliance and Reporting

Our Commitment

BagTrans has a strong commitment to health and safety. We have a legal and moral Duty of Care to all our employees. This Duty of Care requires constant vigilance on the part of management to ensure that all working conditions comply with state and federal laws and reasonable moral expectations.

Policy Documentation

BagTrans has a wide range of internal policy documents that regulate the manner in which our employees perform their duties and guide them in their work behaviour. These policies include:

  • Equal employment opportunity and Anti-discrimination;
  • Sexual harassment awareness;
  • Occupational health and safety;
  • Care of the environment;
  • Training;
  • Email use;
  • Driving hours;
  • Vehicle and depot cleanliness; and
  • Code of Conduct of Directors.

For a complete understanding of the BagTrans commitment to our employees call 1300 279 182. Alternatively email us at