Ensuring BagTrans is at the forefront of technology is paramount, which is why we have our own IT development team. Our IT professionals are tasked to purpose-build IT solutions that will benefit the company and our customers. This is one of BagTrans' strategies to set us apart from the other providers.

News and Information

BagTrans' Hawk-Eye GPS Tracking is a web-based solution that adds a whole new dimension to modern fleet management management by centralising vital information.

Key features include:

  1. Web based system and is accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  2. GPS tracking and historical replays enable viewing of vehicle movements with greater ease of use.
  3. Waypoint (geo-fencing) management with overlayed Google mapping showing satellite images as an option.
  4. Fatigue management and Chain of responsibility information data capture which now includes.
  5. Performance dashboard monitoring:
    1. Driving speeds and instant email alerts.
    2. Hours of work.
    3. Distance travelled.
  6. Streamlined reporting including:
    1. Waypoint exception reports.
    2. Fleet and driver point to point reports such as:
      1. Trip reports by vehicle.
      2. Vehicle utilisation reports.
  7. Non-conformance recording and corrective action management:
    1. Currently used for fatigue management.
  8. Exception and alerts reporting:
    1. Waypoint exception reporting.
  9. Driver management reviews driving behaviour utilising a points system.